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Pioneer Elementary School Traffic Tips

The beginning and ending of the school day are our most busy times and potentially the most dangerous. For the safety of our children, staff, and families it is extremely important that we all adhere to the following safety guidelines.

  1. Please pull as far forward as possible in the drop off/ pick up circle -- that helps those who are waiting in line behind you. Arrive a little earlier in the morning (before 7:55) as the parking lot is emptier at that time.
  2. Please have backpacks already packed, papers signed, and children ready to exit the vehicle when you stop.
  3. Please use the lower parking lot, or the larger even lower lot, to park in a parking space if you will be walking your child onto campus (do not block other parked cars). Please do not park in staff spaces or the “no parking” zones.
  4. Do not leave your car unattended at anytime in the drop off/ pick up circle either at arrival or dismissal.
  5.  During arrival and dismissal times, all vehicles exit to the right onto Highway 88 from our school.
  6. Please do not make U-turns on the highway in front of our school.
  7. Please observe the ‘Do not enter’ road sign at the peak of our road way.
  8. When entering campus, drive 10 mph up the road, looking both ways as you approach the crosswalk.